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Creative Gift - Exquisite Christmas Pattern Acrylic Charm

Creative Gift - Exquisite Christmas Pattern Acrylic Charm

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Elevate your holiday spirit with our Exquisite Christmas Pattern Acrylic Charm, the perfect accessory to celebrate the festive season. This charm exudes a strong Christmas atmosphere with beautifully crafted acrylic pieces that showcase intricate holiday-themed designs. With its portable size, you can easily carry the charm with you, adding a touch of Christmas magic to your daily life. Whether you attach it to your keys, or bag, or use it as a decorative piece, this acrylic charm is a creative and delightful Christmas gift that captures the essence of the holiday season.


STRONG CHRISTMAS ATMOSPHERE: The charm radiates a vibrant and festive Christmas vibe, making it a wonderful accessory for the holiday season.

BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED ACRYLIC: Each charm is intricately designed and crafted from high-quality acrylic, ensuring a stunning and detailed representation of Christmas themes.

PORTABLE CHARM: The charm's compact size makes it easy to carry and display on various items, allowing you to spread the Christmas spirit wherever you go.

CREATIVE CHRISTMAS GIFT: Whether given as a gift or used as a personal accessory, this acrylic charm is a creative and thoughtful way to celebrate Christmas and share joy with others.


Type: Decorations, Pendants

Color: White, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow

Material: Acrylic

Process: Electroplating

Style: Christmas, Cute

Suitable for: General


Exquisite Christmas Pattern Acrylic Charm * 1PC/5 Colors


Color may not appear as exactly as in real life due to variations between the computer monitors.

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Creative Gift - Exquisite Christmas Pattern Acrylic Charm
169.00 kr